2013 is rapidly coming to an end. You know what that means- it’s the time of the year when businesses around the world are gearing up to allocate their remaining advertising budget.

This is the ideal time to optimize tax deductions for 2013. Of course, you’ll want to make sure you do it with the best possible results. We want to make sure, in doing this, that you charge into 2014 with steam that you’ve built with those tax deductions!

Perdue Vision is here to give the TOP 6 great tips to do that!


As technology continues to improve, your website has quickly become the most valuable tool for your business, whether you realize it or not.

If you are in business and do not have a website yet, you are missing out on the reaching the world’s largest marketplace.

I cannot tell you how many people I have met operating a business without a website. While these businesses may be doing alright now, you have to ask yourself, how much money and time are they losing without a website?

A well-built, automated website solution can revolutionize a business and prepare it for immeasurable growth, efficiency, and profitability.

“I already have a website,” you say.

What kind of site is it?

Have you updated it within the past few years?

Fun and fancy animations of Adobe Flash-based websites were very popular for many years, but today’s web audience is not so easily amused.

Simple, easy to navigate, well-branded websites that work with a variety of mobile, tablet, and desktop devices provide much more value to today’s potential customer than an old Flash-based website- many of which don’t work on today’s most popular tablets and phones (where many people are conducting business).

Do you continually depend on your webmaster for content updates?

Have you grown tired of paying them to get it done only to find yourself waiting for them to get around to it?

Using content management system (CMS) platforms allows business owners to edit their own pages, add images and galleries, videos, and more to their sites with a simple Word-like interface, cutting out costly hours paid to a webmaster.

When we develop a website, we want to make sure the design, functionality, SEO, social media and blog integration, and security are all professionally representing your business with the same standards as those of a Fortune 500 company.

With today’s CMS systems and their technologies such as WordPress, Joomla, Open Cart, and Drupal, you can meet your expectations of reaching those same high standards for your website.

We want to make sure that you are taking advantage of the most important tool to your businesses success- your website.

While we are not a value-based company, we do guarantee the best in terms of customer service and professional web development that will effectively make your business a success.

If you have ever looked into SEO (search engine optimization) for your website, you already know it can be pricy- in fact, it may cost more than your initial investment to develop your website!

But in today’s technology-driven world, unfortunately the old saying “If you build it, they will come” does not ring true.

SEO is a crucial component of building your company’s presence online and cannot be overlooked- regardless of how niche-specific your business may be or how well your business is currently doing.

Optimization of your website through developed SEO ensures new visitors will find your product or service, and it can yield a tenfold return on your web investment.

Surely you’ve heard the expression “It takes money to make money.”  This especially applies to SEO, where you will often need a consistent SEO and copywriting budget to beat your competition’s own endeavors on the web.

The good news is that once you decided to move forward with a well-planned SEO campaign, your business website will most certainly see increased search engine traffic results- meaning more visitors and, with the right tools, more sales.

How can you convert visitors to sales once you get all that traffic from your SEO campaign?

With a mix of engaging content that promotes brand trust and authority and a cross-browser compatible, fast-loading website that is mobile and tablet-ready for the future.

This will leave your visitors with a positive mindset toward both your services and your brand so that a strong call-to-action, such as a request for a phone call or a completed quote form, will transform your next visitor into a lifelong customer.

direct-mailDIRECT MAIL

When used properly, direct mail can be an effective method of getting your message directly in front of the core demographic of a potential client.

Not a magazine or money mailer.

Not a savings packet filled with competing businesses and cheaply designed thin sheets of news print.

A high gloss, super thick, high end creative design with a strong call to action to get your customer’s attention and thus business conversion!

Every business is different, so every mailing will be different. Some will require a more targeted list while others can use an EDDM (every door direct mail) option which still has tweakable demographic results.

We make sure the quality and content keep your message out of the trash!


Even with the dramatically increasing popularity of Social Media, email has not gone the way of the dodo bird- far from it.

Email is becoming more creative, it’s growing, and email is constantly evolving.

At least 94% of people who are online list email as a regular activity.  The market is there.  The challenge is how to get through.

Very few people ignore email from friends and family.  The trick is to send content people trust and want to read.  With our help, you can engage readers and become someone they consider virtual friends and family.

It takes just the right amount of content, entertainment, and frequency to get past people’s natural instinct of deleting email without ever reading the content.

Once you’ve made it through and people read each email you send, you have to constantly provide information and value to keep them reading time after time.

Let us help you create a successful email campaign that reaches your customers and breaks down barriers to building new customers.


An often undervalued component to a website when building business is blogging.  We constantly explain to our clients how blogging increases their organic search engine website results.

It’s funny how so many people think that merely tossing up a website will automatically produce traffic.

We constantly pump our clients up about them having the ability and power to get as much traffic as they want!

By posting consistently to your website, blog posts can provide unique information that Google will value, moving you up in the search rankings for the keywords crawled via your blog. Google loves new and unique content and loves it even more when it’s published consistently.

If you want to increase traffic to your website, you should definitely invest in a blog setup with a copywriter or a staff member writing the blog posts.

Perdue Vision offers professional blog installation and training so you can take control of your websites success.

If you want us to handle this for you, let us know. We have copywriters standing by!

socialmediaSOCIAL MEDIA

Every day, people around the world get their news and entertainment on Social Media sites like Facebook and Twitter.  With billions of users, Facebook alone has more users than there are people in the United States, making it virtually one of the largest countries in the world.

Countless businesses have discovered the value of connecting with customers on Social Media.

When used strategically, posts can increase business while strengthening a company’s brand.

There is more to using Social Media than simply starting a page and posting, “We’re open for business.  Come buy our stuff.”

We can help you make the most of this ever-growing form of marketing.

A loyal following on Social Media can drive your business in ways never before imagined.  On the other hand, negative publicity on Social Media can be deadly to a business.

If you decide to get involved in Social Media, you have to make a commitment to maintain your pages properly and consistently.  Perdue Vision can help you with that.


I know we’ve thrown a lot of information at you pretty quickly, but as the days pass, the time to make investments in your business and deduct them on your taxes for 2013 is coming to an end! 

If there is anything you need to address for your business’s success in preparation for 2014- a new website, updating your current website, investing in SEO marketing, a direct mail campaign, creating an email strategy, establishing a presence in the blogosphere, or becoming an active participant in Social Media- please let us know.

At Perdue Vision, we want to help your business succeed.  We’re here for you.